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Elias Among Commentators in New Netflix Documentary Focusing on HSBC Money Laundering

EGS partner and former federal prosecutor Richard Elias appears in the new docuseries “Dirty Money” premiering January 26, 2018 on Netflix.  Elias and EGS client Victor Avila provide commentary throughout one of the six episodes–“Cartel Bank”–which explores the history and consequences of HSBC’s widespread money laundering on behalf of Mexican drug cartels.


EGS Sues HSBC on Behalf of U.S. Victims of Drug Cartel Terrorism

EGS filed a lawsuit yesterday against HSBC on behalf of several innocent Americans killed by Mexican drug cartels. The plaintiffs seek to hold HSBC accountable under the Anti-Terrorism Act, a statute that creates civil liability for supporters of terrorism. HSBC was complicit in laundering billions of dollars for the drug cartels for nearly a decade leading up to the terrorist attacks on the victims.