Tamara Spicer


As a founding member of Elias Gutzler Spicer, Tami is living her childhood dream of pursuing justice through zealous advocacy.  She is an experienced litigator who represents both individuals and institutions across the country in a variety of complex civil litigation matters.

Throughout her career, Tami has been instrumental in achieving favorable verdicts, judgments, and settlements in federal court, state court, arbitration, and mediation.  In 2012, she was part of the trial team that won a $1 billion jury verdict against DuPont—the largest verdict in Missouri history and, at the time, the fourth largest patent infringement jury verdict in U.S. history.  American Lawyer’s Litigation magazine featured the verdict in its Spring 2013 cover story, and Tami was a recipient of the 2013 Missouri Lawyers Award for biggest plaintiffs’ verdict.

Tami is currently representing U.S. victims of Mexican drug cartel terrorism in litigation against the global bank HSBC for its critical supporting role in knowingly laundering billions of dollars for the cartels.  She also continues to litigate multiple lawsuits against the global pharmaceutical company Novartis for its failure to warn U.S. patients of severe vascular risks associated with its drug Tasigna.

Before founding EGS, Tami was a partner at one of the top plaintiffs’ firms in the country, where she litigated multiple securities fraud lawsuits against several multinational investment banks for misrepresentations they made to investors in connection with the sale of billions of dollars of residential mortgage-backed securities that led to the financial crisis.

Earlier in her career, she was a partner at a prominent 500-lawyer firm where she spent ten years primarily representing Fortune 500 companies.  Sharing a desire to leverage this experience on both sides of the “v.” for the benefit of a broader range of clients, Tami formed Elias Gutzler Spicer along with two of her partners with whom she has worked closely for many years.